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College Admissions Services

  • Career/Major Exploration, Research & Guidance

  • Finding the Right College

  • Student Marketing

  • Essay Idea Development, Guidance and
    ​Comprehensive Review

  • Admissions Interview Coaching

  • College Visit Planning

Financial Analysis and Planning*

  • Understanding Financial Aid 

  • Calculating College Costs

  • College Planning

  • Maximizing Financial Aid

  • Saving Money

  • Borrowing Strategies

  • Plan Implementation

Financial Aid Forms Processing

  • Completion of the FAFSA**

  • Completion of the CSS Profile

  • Completion of Business/Farm Supplement

  • Completion of Verification Forms

  • Financial Aid Award Analysis

  • Appeal Guidance 

* Our services do not include financial planning, investment, legal or tax advice.

** The FAFSA is a free application that can be completed by visiting